Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'd tell you I love you, but then I'd have to kill you by Ally Carter

The premise - Cammi is one of the Gallagher Girls, an elite sisterhood of potential spies in an expensive boarding school. She falls in love with a "normal" teenager and spends the semester performing a special, not-for-credit covert ops project - Operation Josh.

The good stuff - lots of fun spy details, innocent-visitor-doesn't-know-that's-really-an-amazing-gadget kind of thing, a fun take on the chick lit favorite, girl who's attracted a guy and now doesn't know what to do with him, hilarious slap-stick action

The bad stuff - too much time spent on the spy stuff and not enough on the personalities. Maybe this will be taken care of in the sequels, but I don't really see a motive for Macey to suddenly be "one of the girls" and her personality and that of Cammi's friends is very flat. Also, Josh is just really....not that interesting. Now I personally was never attracted to teenage boys, even when I was at an age where that would have been normal, but still he seems, well, boring. And spineless. And prejudiced. And immature. So I think Cammi's really in love with Normal, not with Josh. Which should make the sequel interesting....

The totally cliche'd and why did they even mention it? Ok, the whole I am homeschooled for religious reasons and am therefore clueless about any type of social interaction and lead a sad and boring life is soooo outdated. Not to mention completely at odds with the "I've been to Mongolia because my parents were into the Peace Corps" Cammi needs to match up her cover stories - or just dump them and start over.

But, on the whole it was a fun read!

Verdict: A light fun read that teens will be eager to gulp down. Highly recommended.

ISBN: 978-1423100041; Published March 2007 by Hyperion; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library

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