Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nicholas on vacation by Rene Goscinny, illustrated by Sempe

Goscinny, of Asterix fame, wrote a series of books about a boy called Nicholas. There's no definitive plot, just vignettes. Hilarious vignettes. Squirt milk out your nose and laugh until your stomach aches vignettes. Nicholas is supremely unconscious of the world around him - and lives comfortably amid the mayhem he creates while his parents, his teachers, and adults in general collapse in exhaustion. In this collection, Nicholas gives his version of a holiday with his parents on the beach and his adventures at summer camp. Nicholas has a great time - it's too bad all the adults seem to be tired all the time....

My favorite scenes:
the hole on the beach
first day on the beach at the summer camp
the treasure hunt at night

Verdict: Although marketed as a children's book, and apparently very popular in France, I don't see many contemporary children "getting" the humor of this book. However, adults will find it hilarious, especially if they deal with children.

ISBN: 978-0714846781; Published October 2006 by Phaidon; Borrowed from the library; Added to my personal wishlist

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