Friday, June 13, 2008

Silently, the cat, and Miss Theodosia by Felice Holman, illustrated by Harvey Dinnerstein

The town thinks Miss Theodosia is a recluse, spending all day hidden in her house with her cat, Silently. But in reality, Miss Theodosia is terribly, terribly busy. There are decisions to be made, afghans to knit, proverbs to learn. Only at night can she relax, when she takes out her Irish Mail and travels the roads and hills around the town with Silently. This is the story of how Miss Theodosia's proverbs come in handy and the exciting adventures she has on her nightly journeys.

This short story is one of Holman's gems. Beautifully written, with a sly touch of humor and a warm imagination. One can almost see Miss Theodosia, swooping across the hills on her Irish Mail, with Silently tucked up behind her....

Verdict: Felice Holman fans will want to take the time to track down this out of print title, but it doesn't really fit into the modern picture book genre which is much more visually oriented with briefer text. A good gift for fans or that special child who will appreciate Holman's delicate sense of wonder.

ISBN: N/A; Published 1967 by Macmillan, out of print; Borrowed from the library; Added to my personal wishlist

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