Saturday, July 19, 2008

My wonderful library patrons

A brief moment to adore my library patrons. It seems to be the fashion nowadays to spend a large portion of listservs, gatherings, what have you either A. bewailing your weird/rude/criminal/selfish/unpleasant patrons or B. loudly proclaiming your dedication to all patrons and intellectual freedom in such a way that we know you're really thinking how weird/rude/criminal/selfish/unpleasant your patrons are but, by golly, you have principles and you're going to grit your teeth and SERVE THEM! Well, I've had my share of weird/rude/criminal/selfish/unpleasant patrons.....BUT

The parents and kids at my library are lovely. Really. And do you know why? Almost every day, there's a parent encouraging their child to ask me a question, so they learn about the library. People apologize when their cell phones go off in storytime and hastily turn them off. They come in quietly when they're late. They watch their children while they're at the computer. And, the biggie, THEY CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES. After all the horror stories of trashed children's areas, and having been in some libraries like that, I am still fascinated to see what happens every day in our children's corner, where just a few weeks ago I put out lots of new puzzles and games. I see parents playing go fish with their kids, and helping them put the cards away. Kids carefully restacking the puzzles. Parents reminding kids to pick up the books they're done with. Kids picking up the huge dinosaur floor puzzle. The only thing I've done in the children's area to tidy is move our bead toy to the side of the room. Everything else is already done!

I have the best children's area patrons EVER!!

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