Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Cow that laid an egg by Andy Cutbill, illustrated by Russell Ayto

Marjorie doesn't feel special. All the other cows are riding bicycles and doing handstands, but not Marjorie.

 In a burst of pity, the chickens sneak an egg into Majorie's bed. Suddenly, she's more special than anyone - and the other cows are jealous. Did Marjorie really lay an egg? Only time will tell, as they all wait for the egg to hatch....

The pictures are full of exuberant humor and wide wacky grins, as Marjorie, with the help of the chickens, finds herself becoming special after all!

Verdict: A light by wackily humorous tale. An additional purchase

ISBN: 978-0061372957; Published January 2008 by HarperCollins; Borrowed from the library


shelburns said...

This looks like a cute book to share with kids. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Terry said...

We really liked this book. For almost a week we read it at least once a night. Now we only visit Marjorie a few times a month.