Friday, December 5, 2008

Marco Flamingo by Sheila Jarkins

Marco Flamingo has always wondered what it's like in the north for his friends, the snow birds. "What's snow?" he asks. "You don't want to know!" they reply. But Marco does want to he sets out on a journey to the north and discovers a wonderful new world of activities and enjoyment.

 The story is cheerful and rather pedestrian - although I give kudos to the author for not allowing the story to decline into the overused "character decides he's lonely for his friends" or "character decides home is best"; although Marco is joined by some friends, he's obviously quite happy on his own. The art is as cheerful as the story - deep luscious colors show Marco and all his friends first in their southern habitat, then Marco alone in all his winter activities. A fun story and enjoyable pictures.

Verdict: This title is also available as a bilingual text and is definitely worth adding to your Spanish collection, if you collection bilingual materials.

ISBN: 978-0979446252; Published September 2008 by Raven Tree; F&G provided by publisher through LibraryThing Early Reviewers; Sequel purchased for the library

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