Monday, December 8, 2008

Night Shift by Jessie Hartland

This book follows various people through their night shift jobs; street sweeper, window dressers, DJ, security guard, newspaper printers, bridge painters, zookeeper, freighter captain, truck driver, road worker, baker, fisherman, tugboat captain, and waitress at an all-night cafe.

Unfortunately, the segues between each profiled worker aren't always clear and the pictures are confusing and cluttered. In addition, the choices of workers are puzzling – two different ships, but no policemen, doctors, or factory workers. Bridge painters seem rather far-fetched to me (although that may be because I've never lived anywhere with large suspension bridges...) and several of the professions, truck driver and ship captains for example, also work during the day.

Verdict: Mildly interesting and well-meant, but doesn't quite meet expectations. An additional purchase.

ISBN: 1599900254; Published October 2007 by Bloomsbury; Borrowed from the library

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