Thursday, December 25, 2008

Was that Christmas? By Hilary McKay, illustrated by Amanda Harvey

Bella and her cat, Black Jack, are too little to understand about Christmas. But when they are three, Bella is old enough to understand that something special is going to happen!

But the Christmas festivities at the preschool fall far short of Bella's expectations - and Santa doesn't bring a present for Black Jack! Naturally, Bella roars, "Was that Christmas?". Her mother reassures her that's just the beginning! There are many more things to be done - decorations, cooking, meeting with friends and family, until finally....

It's Christmas!

The illustrations are warm and cheerful and express the excitement and happiness of a child's first expectations for Christmas. This is a British import, so some of the traditions may be a little unfamiliar, but they are easily explained.

Verdict: A warm and lovely introduction to Christmas for the youngest of listeners, but the unfamiliar terms and traditions make this less useful. Fun to borrow, but no need to track down a used version.
ISBN: 978-0689847653; Published October 2002 by Margaret K. McElderry Books (out of print); Borrowed from the library

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