Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Little Rat Makes Music by Monika Bang-Campbell, illustrated by Molly Bang

Little Rat loves music and her family is all musical. So she's thrilled when her parents ask if she wants to play the violin....but it's not as she imagined. It makes ugly sounds, it's hard work, and her teacher is really tough. But her family and teacher won't give up on Little Rat, even when she's ready to quit. With some extra tutoring and inspiration, she'll discover the hard work is worth the final result.

This easy reader tells a story of music - the difficulties and rewards - with a determined but normal young heroine. Perfect for children who are struggling to get past that initial practicing stage in playing an instrument - or reading!

Verdict: This title won't appeal to everyone, but if you have parents who want books about perseverance, this is a good recommendation.

ISBN: 0152053050; Published August 2007 by Harcourt; Borrowed from the library

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