Saturday, February 21, 2009

My new vampire book came back!

Back in December, some evil miscreant stole a big stack of my new YA books. Books so new they had NOT EVEN CHECKED OUT ONCE!! They took the Teenage Liberation Handbook, one of Donita K. Paul's dragon fantasies, Jenny Downham's Before I Die, half my new Clique books, a new Ellen Hopkins (they left the cover. thanks a lot) some others I can't remember right now, and my new vampire book, Robin McKinley's Sunshine.

All faith in humanity destroyed, I was merely marking the days...and then they started showing up! Sometimes, since we have no security system, people forget to check things out. Apparently, this was what happened because everything came back! Except my new Ellen Hopkins and my new vampire novel. Now, I didn't really expect to see my Ellen Hopkins back, since they peeled off the cover, apparently in the mistaken belief that a. we had a security system and b. we were dumb enough to put the thingies in the jack. But my new vampire novel! No one had even checked it out once!

I lamented.

So, here it is, a few months later....and it CAME BACK!! Obviously, some well-intentioned, lovely teen, desperate to begin reading, forgot to check it out. Like any decent citizen, she returned it when she finished it! It's not even bent. Sniff. I'm so happy.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the little things really restore your faith, huh?

Donita K. Paul said...

I am so glad your books came back. And I'm glad it wasn't a thief. I was imagining a robber with great literary taste.