Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ratha's Courage by Clare Bell

The fifth book in the Named series does not disappoint fans of the adventures of the prehistoric, sentient cats. I must admit to being a little nervous about reviewing this addition to the series - there are so many loyal fans out there, and while I read Ratha's Creature many years ago, thousands of books have passed before me since then. Plus, as my sister tells me, "if there's such a thing as high fantasy, you read low fantasy."

Of course, the obvious thing to say is "this is for older fans of the Warriors series." Which is true. I did find some of Ratha's thought processes to be a little heavy-handed, but it's a minor quibble.
In comparison to the Warriors, this is a book with deeper themes of how cultures interact and wars are born. About independence and relationships. The research is amazing and the world is perfectly imagined and presented to the reader.
Often when an author returns to a world after many years, the magic is gone. But Ratha's world is still compelling and its characters as real as when Ratha first determined to survive her exile.

Verdict: A must if you have the other volumes of the series, of course. If you don't, do some statistical analysis of the ages and total sum of your Warriors fans and buy accordingly.

ISBN: 978-0974560366; Published October 2008 by Imaginator Press; Review copy provided by publisher (Special thanks for sending additional copies of Ratha's Creature and Clan Ground - they will be donated to the Matheson Memorial Library, where fans are waiting!)

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rathacat said...

Very nice review. Thank you!
I like your comment about how the series holds up well and doesn't disappoint when you come back to it after being away for a while.