Friday, April 25, 2008

Easy-open board books by Michel Blake and Candlewick Press

I've been meaning to start reviewing more board books, but nothing has really caught my interest....until these. I don't even remember why I ordered them for the library in the first place, except I was looking for board books with more photos. Anyways, they came a few weeks ago and I was completely captivated.

First, they have excellent and beautiful photos, mainly black and white with brilliant splashes of color. Numbers and Colors are in full color.

Secondly, and this was what completely entranced me, is these are "easy-open." What does that mean? Well, the page edges are different lengths. Duh! Why did no one ever think of that before? Haven't you ever seen little fingers trying to get the pages open?

These are kid-tested on library patrons and my colleague's baby and definitely make the grade!

Oh, and they have a cool little texture-thingy going on on the cover too.

Verdict: Definite must for your board book collection. These would also make great baby shower gifts!

Out to play
ISBN: 978-0763627676; Published October 2005 by Candlewick

Baby's day
ISBN: 978-0763633684; Published April 2007 by Candlewick

Off to bed
ISBN: 978-0763627669; Published October 2005 by Candlewick

Let's play
ISBN: 978-0763633691; Published April 2007 by Candlewick (out of print)

ISBN: 978-0763627461; Published June 2006 by Candlewick (out of print)

ISBN: 978-0763627478; Published June 2006 by Candlewick (out of print)

All borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library

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Infant Bibliophile said...

Our library only has the first two, but I put them on hold. Thanks for the suggestion! I'd love to check out the numbers and colors ones sometime too. This was perfect timing, because I just pledged that the next few library visits will be for books more at the bookworm's level after trying out some older kids books I was just curious about. Hmm, maybe if I like the first two enough I could order one of the others for his Easter basket.