Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday Blues at the Library

Saturday was a lovely sunny day at the library and rather peaceful....but for some reason this brought home to me Things I Hate At The Library:

Kids hunched over the computer for hours when it's sunny outside. Get a life, kids!

Slightly "off" patrons (if you're a librarian you know what I mean) hanging around said kids. Ick.

Parents who tell kids, "no, we're just getting movies today, you can't have a book." Arrrgh!

Patrons with really vague reader's advisory questions 10 minutes before we close, "I'm looking for a story about a horse. I think it was in that area (points to our 10 shelves of adult fiction). I don't remember the author, title, or what it's about. Why can't you help me?"

Of course, there are the grandparents bringing their kids to play in the sunny children's area, and families raiding the new book section with squeals of delight, and many other lovely things, but sometimes....It's hard to be tactful.

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