Thursday, April 23, 2009

Aphrodite's Blessings: Love stories from the Greek Myths retold by Clemence McLaren

In these three retellings of Greek myths, Clemence McLaren speaks from the female point of view and reworks these classic stories into happily-ever-after romances. Atalanta's challenger is from the north of Greece, an enlightened Thracian who promises not to keep her a prisoner in her own house. Andromeda is rescued both from the sea serpent and from her unwelcome marriage by the golden hero Perseus, who she has been daydreaming about. Finally, Psyche wins the love and trust of her husband Eros and becomes an immortal. The author also includes an epilogue with more information on Greco-Roman culture and the context of these three myths.

Verdict: Fans of Percy Jackson may be disappointed, but those looking for more romantic mythological retellings might enjoy these rather pedestrian retellings.

ISBN: 978-1416978602; Published May 2008 by Simon Pulse; Borrowed from the library

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