Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just like ice cream

Candy is a beautiful thing. There's the little crunchy candies, and melty chocolates and candied fruits and....but these are temporary things. They crunch, they melt, they goo, and it's over. For real satisfaction, there's nothing like a cool bowl of ice cream. You can't eat it too fast or it's too cold. You can't leave it and come back or it will melt.

That's also Patricia Wrede's newest book, Thirteenth Child. Now, I don't usually bother to talk about books everybody else is reading/reviewing. I mean, you're all reading them already, right? Right? But this book is just so satisfying, so perfect. It's not a fast-paced adventure story - the plot builds slowly and the only really exciting action comes at the extreme end. But it's so perfectly written that you simply can't become bored, you're inevitably dragged along until you join Eff in her sudden epiphany....and then the book ends! And you realize you are going to have to wait some time for the sequel!

And you go find some ice cream.

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Okay, can't decide which I like better, your description of ice cream, or your analogy comparing Thirteenth Child and ice cream. I recently read (and reviewed) the book, and you got it exactly right. Afterwards, I thought, that could have been boring, but it just wasn't!