Friday, April 10, 2009

Alistair (series) by Marilyn Sadler, illustrated by Roger Bollen

Aliens! Monsters! Lost Library Books!

Alistair is a Very Good Little Boy. He's always clean, always on time, always organized. He always knows just what to do. Which is good, because this Very Good Little Boy ends up in some straaange situations. Only Alistair, on his way to return library books, would get kidnapped by aliens! (Fortunately, he's an excellent navigator and gets them all home safely). Only Alistair would end up with an elephant, find previously unknown monsters while scuba diving, or be able to deal with an alien invasion.

The completely insane situations contrasted with Alistair's consistently deadpan face and Very Good Behavior, will keep you giggling all the way through!

Verdict: Although these books are older, they're not at all outdated. Great fun if you find a used copy or buy the still in print paperback.
Alistair in Outer Space
ISBN: 978-0671666781; Published January 1984 by Simon & Schuster (paperback edition in print)

Alistair's Elephant
ISBN: 978-0671666804; Published September 1983 by Simon & Schuster (out of print)

Alistair Underwater
ISBN: 978-0671694067; Published June 1990 by Simon & Schuster (out of print)

Alistair and the Alien Invasion
ISBN: 978-0671759575; Published April 1994 by Simon & Schuster (out of print)

Alistair's Time Machine
ISBN: 978-0130223517; Published April 1986 by Simon & Schuster (out of print)

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