Thursday, May 14, 2009

My first summer reading visit!

I intend to blog every wonderful moment of my summer reading program this year....we'll see how long that lasts!

I made my first summer reading visits this morning to two sixth grade teams at the middle school down the street. Last year I only visited elementary schools, so this was new. I really like middleschoolers (when they're not driving everybody at the library nuts) especially twelve-year olds, so I was looking forward to this....but kinda worried because there would be soooo many!

It was great! I set up a table with a whole bunch of (mostly new) books and a few audiobooks in the "pod" and 100 sixth graders poured out onto the floor. Their lovely middle school librarian introduced me and I began..."Our summer reading themes this year are Be Creative for the kids and Express Yourself for the teens. You're in the middle, so you get to express yourself by being creative!" (This got a big giggle). Then I had them tell me different ways to be creative and we segued into what creative programs we'll be doing this summer and the summer reading program. Then I told them they could point out books on the table and I'd booktalk them, i. e. "tell you about them". I had about 20 minutes with the first group and about 40 minutes with the second group (also 100 students) so for the second group we finished up with tons of questions. Was the library free, how could they get a card, did we have x, and so on.

The books I booktalked were:
I love to draw dogs & I love to draw horses by Jennifer Lipsey (lots of oohs and aahs)
Spider-Man comic and You can draw Marvel characters (they went nuts when I told them we also had You can draw Star Wars)
Indiana Jones comics (that was just to show we had them, they don't need any booktalking)
Rapunzel's Revenge
a Warriors graphic novel (hardly any kids admitted to being Warriors fans. Is this dying down?)
Skulduggery Pleasant (also on cd) and Kiki Strike (the kids looooved my talks on these!)
Dragon Slippers
House with a clock in its walls
Burning Bridge (Ruins of Gorlan was checked out)
Dragon and Soldier (Dragon and Thief was checked out)
Dealing with dragons
Make it! by Jane Bull
Melonhead (I think this was a little young. but I really liked it!)
Percy Jackson on playaway (I forget which one I brought, just wanted to show them we have playaways - the middle school library has a lot, so they're familiar with them)

I think that was all. I wasn't able to talk them all to the first group, but we did get through them all with the second group! I forgot to talk up my messy craft programs, but hopefully they'll all show up and get a brochure and it won't matter. I left bookmarks and a poster with the school librarian and also dropped bookmarks and other promotional materials for a 7th grade teacher who has promised to promote to her students!

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