Friday, July 3, 2009

It's picture day today! by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Katherine Tillotson

It's picture day at school, and a button is late! But he makes it in time, and here come the feathers, the "whirly things", pom-poms, and all their friends. But someone is still missing, someone very important who holds them all together....

When I first received this book, I looked at the cover and decided I probably wouldn't like it because a. it was ORANGE (despite - or because - I grew up in Austin, TX, I hate orange) and b. it just looked silly and I wasn't in a silly mood.

I was wrong! I loved it! First, you have to know that at our library we collage frequently and with great enthusiasm. I mean, what's not to love? All you need is paper, glue, and whatever you can find in the cupboard and outside. Add imagination and it's art!

And here is a book, all about collage! All the different bits and pieces come together in the end, on an eye-smacking double-fold-out, to create a classroom of enthusiastic students. The words dance in exuberant rhythm towards the final mischievous joke and I can see children chanting along after a few readings.

According to the back flap, the paper Ms. Tillotson cut for the illustrations she created herself by drawing patterns on paper with paste. Apparently this is an old crafting technique, one I shall have to look into as it sounds fun! The illustrations abound with things for kids to find and point out and the final spread shows them all fitted together into various wacky creatures.

Oh, and they sent an adorable collage bookmark with the book! I am in love. I plan to pull this out many times in the future for my storytimes to get us ready to put things together and create pictures!

Verdict: Recommended for storytimes and for reading before collaging!

ISBN: 978-1416924340; Published June 2009 by Athenaeum; Review copy provided by the illustrator; Added to the library

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