Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our Biggest Summer Reading Program!

This Tuesday program was our biggest yet, and probably the highlight of the summer. It was our turn for David Stokes, educator, naturalist, and humorist. He was here last year (and in the past) and we had a good turnout - 100. This year, helped along by 40+ kids from a local daycare, we had 200 attendees! More people signed up for summer reading! We were over 450 last time I counted and I think we might make 500 before the summer is over! Plus, our circulation in general hit record numbers today. So, very busy, very tiring. I leave myself with two notes...

Next year, put David Stokes in the middle of the room, instead of at the end. It got very crowded (and hot, despite me squeezing past everybody to turn down the a/c). Also, make sure the new aide I'll be hiring in August can take pictures. Mine are awful, but my current aide took great David Stokes pictures! Our favorite is the excited kid with his hands in the air!

Note from last Friday's fingerpainting: put newspaper on the tables next time.

And that's all. I collapse in peace.

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