Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Reading Programs: Linda Wendt

My third big summer reading program is over! At least, this is the third of the performers/programs I selected myself (we have four programs with performers selected by the system. I had Linda Wendt come and demonstrate early medieval instruments, mainly wind instruments. I was a little worried about this; I'm trying to get more performers/programs for older kids, but I knew a lot of younger kids would come and I was worried about squirmies.

My worries were completely unfounded! Linda presented a fascinating program, demonstrating tons of different instruments (pictures will be up on the library blog later this week) and giving little bits of history and funny stories. The kids were spellbound - mostly younger elementary age kids and they sat still for almost an hour! We had about 40 people come and I, personally, would like a crumhorn for Christmas this year.

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