Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day...

Summer reading begins! I am completely, absolutely ready! Sort of.

Note to self - do not start massive weeding of the juvenile fiction section the week before summer reading. I have checked circulation stats on hundreds of books. Discussed hundreds of books with our director. Shifted, dusted, and reshelved hundreds of books with my aide. And, finally, deleted, marked, and discarded hundreds of books. The juvenile fiction section looks lovely - and it's great to be rid of books that haven't circ'ed since 2003 - or more (I found one that last went out in 1960!).

The shelf displays have been filled, the new book shelf is organized, the registration bags are ready, the column has been covered with paper.

So, technically, my aide and I are ready for summer reading's the parts after that. My storyroom is a mess (did I mention we had the carpet cleaned last week?) and I'm not really ready for storytimes next week - I'll be doing toddlers as well as preschoolers starting on Tuesday since my colleague is away. Oh, and I'm visiting 100 kindergarteners at summer school on Wednesday.

But it's time! Improvisation, flexibility, enthusiasm, and wonderful books await!

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