Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our summer library program has just gone insane

I had about 350 kids last next week, after summer school visits, I will have hit 500 kids registered. Our circulation is breaking records, our attendance is going through the roof, and I am constantly running out of prizes, reading logs, and more!

Which is excellent, if a little exhausting.

We had our second program for older kids today, henna tattoos with a local family (mother and three daughters). They were amazing! We had 15 kids 12 and over, which is better than any program I've scheduled for this age group. Sadly, the artists are moving/going to college, so I will have to do the search for a henna artist thing all over again next year. Argh!

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ReadingTub said...

Congratulations, Jennifer! Thanks for all you do to help grow readers!