Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anticipated Books

I was reviewing my new-books-I-really-really-want-and-why-doesn't-any-library-have-them list and thought I would share the desperate longing....

Faceless Ones by Derek Landy. Ok, I know it isn't released until August 25th. But why hasn't it come yet? I ordered it in July! I absolutely cannot wait for the newest Skulduggery Pleasant. Are the Faceless Ones going to return? Will Ghastly Bespoke become human again? What's going on with Stephanie's mirror doppelganger?

Boy Dumplings by Ying Chang Compestine. This sounds like a hilarious and clever picturebook and I am very impatiently waiting for someone to get it so I can borrow it!

Night's Edge (anthology) with Charlaine Harris etc. I love paranormal/mystery/romance short stories. This has been out for a couple weeks but it doesn't look like any libraries in my system plan to get it. Sniff.

Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd. I like the buzz I've heard on this....why doesn't anybody have it? (do you sense a refrain here? yes, my budget has been cut. how could you tell?)

Dinosaur Hunt (Max Spaniel) by David Catrow. Now, I am not a HUGE fan of Catrow, but a mildly enthusiastic one. But good easy readers are sooo hard to find and this looks like a winner!

Psych major Syndrome by Alicia Thompson. I admit it. I just want to read the ending.

Obsidian Prey by Jayne Castle. I like this series. So there.

Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men by Molly Harper. I thought I was totally over the whole vampire/romance thing...turns out not. (No, I have not read Twilight. No, I do not plan to. The bits I skimmed and everything I've heard make it sound way too goopy for my taste.)

These are just the August things I am eagerly awaiting....

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Tasha said...

I do this same lusting after library books and checking the shared catalog again and again. The saddest is when I am looking forward to a title and no one ever gets it...