Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finding Magic by Tanya Huff

I've actually had this for a while, but I didn't want to read it until I had collected the appropriate lollipops to accompany it. I have a thing for lollipops; not the boring ones in the grocery store, but the really fancy ones, swirling colors and at least a foot long. Anyways.
First, the bad. This seems to be a characteristic of small press collections of stories, but it never fails to irritate, puzzle, and enrage me. Typos! Obvious spell-checker typos! Grrr. It totally breaks the flow of the story, like in "I Knew a Guy Once" (pg. 7) "I'm not glad see you though". Notice something missing? And there should be punctuation after "his food allotment" on pg. 9. Altogether, it works out to about one error per story. Say, Ms. Huff, I'd be happy to volunteer to proofread your next collection b/c it doesn't look like anybody else is bothering.
Ok, that's out of my system.
Now, the good. Awesome stories, including several I hadn't previously read about well-loved characters - Tony (not one of my favorites, but I know he's got fans), a Torin Kerr story (yay!), and a Keeper story!!, a Terazin story I hadn't seen before (yay!), and a Magdelene story which I already have, as it was including in Stealing Magic. Not that I'm complaining! And all (I think?) of Huff's Valdemar stories, which I'm pleased to see together.
I loved "Slow Poison" the steady build is absolutely perfect. "Tuesday Evenings, Six Thirty to Seven" was both hilarious and heart-wrenching. Lots more great stories, but those are what stood out to me.
  • Source: My hard-earned cash
  • Verdict: Fans of Tanya Huff will be happy to overlook the typos and scoop up this fun collection (although I gotta say, if it's gonna have typos in it it's a bit over-priced).

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Charlotte said...

That's too bad about the typos--I hate it when I notice them, and once I see the first one, I tend to find all the rest...