Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Cart!

A nice mixed stack of new books today!

When you reach me by Rebecca Stead. I haven't read this (and honestly it doesn't really sound like something I'd like) but there's been so much buzz that I thought we better have it. After some indecision, I decided to put it in juvenile, rather than YA. I'm going to push it to the mystery lovers, but I also added it to the teens mystery reading list.

Sisters Club: Rule of Three by Megan McDonald. I somehow missed this new series, but I added it as soon as I heard about it. Pink. Glitter. Cupcakes. Tween girls. What else does it need?

Project Sweet Life by Brent Hartinger. More funny boy books! Yay! But why do I always want to say Brett?

Mouse Count by Ellen Walsh. I'm not sure the best format for this is boardbook, but that's what was available. Classic counting book.

The Great Pie Robbery and Other Mysteries by Richard Scarry. Hurray for reprints!

Barack Obama: an American Story by Bob Carlton. Been waiting for someone to publish a balanced biography. So many of the ones I've seen, especially the picturebooks, are very visionary and not at all useful for school research. This had good reviews, and since I can't afford to buy multiple books, had better be good!

Cromwell Dixon's Sky-Cycle by John Nez. Apart from this being a fun picturebook, it fits in well with the massive inventors project the school kids here do. Although I was a bit taken aback, when our cataloguer, who had looked up Dixon when we were deciding whether this should go in fiction or nonfiction, discovered that he died at the age of 19 while exhibiting his flying machine. "Plunged to his death" is how the source puts it. That wasn't mentioned!

Blood Promise by Richelle Mead. For my vampiric girls.

That's not my dolly, That's not my car, That's not my lion by Fiona Watt. These boardbooks are all part of the Usborne Touchy-Feely series. The kids love them - our adult service librarian demands that she take home each new one as I get it for her son to go nuts over!

Night-Night Little Pookie by Sandra Boynton. Another cute boardbook.

Houndsley and Catina: Plink and Plonk by James Howe
Cork & Fuzz: Good Sports by Dori Chaconas
These newest editions to easy reader series are classic friendship stories with pleasing artwork.

And finally....

Dancing Through the Snow by Jean Little!! This one came home with me right away. It's the story of a foster girl who has nothing and nobody...but miracles can happen. Kids that love realistic stories will enjoy this one.


John Nez said...

Actually Cromwell Dixon made 100's of successful flights all around America in his dirigible. It was only when he switched to the new heavier than air flying machines, five years later, that he crashed in a Glenn Curtis airplane.

Amelia Earhart also met the same fate while flying in her airplane. I see there's a new movie coming out about her.

Jennifer said...

Fascinating - I see I'm going to have to read through your bibliography. It's nice to know he had some successes before his tragic death.

Kim J said...

You'll have to let me know what you think of Blood Promise. Always on the search for new vampire stuff for the girls. :)

Jennifer said...

Blood Promise is the latest in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. Haven't personally read them, but I understand they're pretty much "Harry Potter meets Twilight" and very popular!