Friday, August 7, 2009

Sir John Hargrave's Mischief Maker's Manual

I didn't like it. It pushed all my buttons and I am very grumpy at it. I will just say that I grew up with multiple teasing/tormenting brothers and their friends, spent one year at a "prank" school where if you didn't think pranks were funny you were jumped on by everyone (even if YOU were the person cleaning up the mess in the cafeteria or having rotten fruit thrown at you during a skit) and have spent a large portion of my life cleaning up after people, from tagging along with my mom to clean filthy duplexes at the age of four, to cleaning businesses (who knew there could be so many dead crickets?) house cleaning and said cafeteria cleaning, to scrubbing vandalism off windows and plugged toilets (who thinks an orange in a urinal is funny?) at my library.

I am not amused. Yeah, yeah, I know these are all supposed to be "clever" and not just "gross" or "destructive" but the bigger pranks all leave a mess, the smaller ones leave the other person looking stupid, and I don't care what advice the book gives, you think any kid is going to take safety precautions or think ahead? 9 out of 10 won't.

Verdict: I checked this out from my library consortium because I was considering purchasing it for my library, which I do not intend to do because of the many double-page flaps and because of not wishing to make our community's problem with vandalism worse than it already is. Plus, my own personal prejudice. Hey, being honest here.

ISBN: 044844982X; Published June 2009 by Grosset and Dunlap; Borrowed from the library

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