Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why I am NOT doing a prize drawing for summer reading next year

Phew. Summer reading is officially over! We had 200+ more kids sign up than last year, and I made a few changes to how the program worked last year - this year, kids got a free book when they registered and a small prize and drawing slip for each two hours they read.

We had approximately 2,000 drawing slips - that's 4,000 hours of reading!

We had 36 grand prizes (and face-painting and ice cream).

To sum up: the face-painting was amazing, the kids who won prizes were thrilled, much ice cream was eaten, and the kids enjoyed pulling names out and seeing who won.

But, reasons we will not be doing a drawing next year:

1. 2,000 drawing slips. You know how long it takes a six-year-old to write his name and phone number?

2. Upset kids who didn't win a prize (we have at least one cryer, one Bambi-eyes, and multiple sulks every year)

3. Upset parents whose kids didn't win a prize.

4. Parents who want only kids at the drawing to get prizes.

5. Parents who want kids to be able to write what prize they want on their drawing slip.

6. Because they won't be at the drawing and what if their kid's name gets drawn?

7. Yelling names out over 85 talking kids and parents.

8. Disappointed moans when a name is called and the person isn't there.

9. Calling multiple people who won a prize and weren't there (I hate making phone calls)

10. Trying to decipher names and phone numbers (last year I got a taxidermy store. No prize for you Wendy Squiggle)

11. They're already getting prizes, my budget can't take it (I had very few donations this year) and I don't like the prizes to outweigh the reading.

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