Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall Programs Begin!

Our fall programs at the library begin today!

My lovely colleague, Miss Pattie, without whom I would be in dire straits, is doing two weekly toddler storytimes and one weekly baby storytime. She's also doing a toddler/baby combined evening storytime every other week. My evening storytime last year was a flop, but Pattie has great community connections and considerable energy (unlike me, who is dead in the evening) and I'm sure they'll be a success.

I'll be doing two weekly preschool storytimes (at 11am instead of 10:30am) and a weekly afternoon family storytime.

I also supervise two hours of Wii Gaming every Wednesday (the sound of Mario Kart was driving me nuts by the time we ended last summer!)

We're having a four-week Baby Sign program in October (which Miss Pattie arranged).

We're having birthday parties for newborns, 1-year-olds, and 2-year-olds on three different Saturdays (another arrangement with Miss Pattie. See what I mean? Totally lost without her would I be!)

We're having a Storywalk, which I promised to Pattie last year when I came

Goosebumps party in October! People are already signed up!

Three 5th & 6th grade bookclubs (first one next Monday - nobody has signed up)

Three craft programs for 8 - 12. Nobody has signed up. Sigh.

Anyhow, for a small library we have a good selection of programming, I think. Nothing specifically for teens - I tried last year and was unsuccessful, so I'm concentrating on the middle school and upper elementary crowd (although that's not looking too hopeful either). Teens are invited to the adult bookclubs and programs, we've had a few sparks of interest but no actual attendance in that area.

Onward to programming!

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Catherine said...

Between the two of you, you do a LOT of programming! Are you both full time? How many SR signups do you get? What's the population of your town? Ours is about 21,000. I put on four weekly programs and that's it, except for the occasional holiday or event-type program. Our outreach person, half-time (who also does ILLs), does storytimes at about 12 preschools or daycares. Catherine. (wordsworldandwings.blogspot.com)