Saturday, September 12, 2009

Library Happyness

  • Telling people they can get a free library card with their ID. Took a little while, because they didn't speak much English, but when they figured out what I was saying they were very happy!

  • A little girl running up to the circulation desk carrying as many Pony Pals and Rainbow Magic books as she can hold, followed by her brother clutching all the Star Wars comics he found on the shelf.

  • One of my little girls from storytime, who likes to come to the library in her princess dress, showing me the puppets she's going to check out.
All this balances the guy who wanted to know why we weren't open all day Saturday, why we weren't open all day Sunday, etc. etc., the fifteen people we practically had to shove out the door so we could close, and the lady who told me about her mother killing her grandmother. TMI!

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