Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Grand Day Out

Well, Thursday was supposed to be my grand expedition to Chicago - not a place I often go. But I've been planning since August to go see an exhibition of art from Little Golden Books. Weeeelll, I suddenly figured out Wednesday morning that it wasn't until next year! I had already put in for vacation, cancelled storytime, etc. so I decided to do something else.

I went to the Milwaukee County Zoo! They had the most adorable tiger cubs - and they put on an amazing show of cuteness! And cute prairie dogs that actually came trooping out for us to look at. And a new HUGE hippo.

Anyways, it was fun and I went to Half Price Books afterwards, because, well, it's right near there. My loot:

Ted Naifeh's first three Courtney Crumrin collections.
Dog Train by Sandra Boynton (with cd!)
Linnea's Almanac by Christina Bjork
Mythconceptions by Robert Asprin and Phil Foglio (this is actually the second time I've bought this - I gave my last one to the library, breaking my don't-buy-books-for-the-library-b/c-it's-a-bottomless-pit rule)
Nature's Art Box by Laura Martin for the library (this wasn't really breaking the rule, although it's for the library, because it was clearance and as long as it's under $5 it doesn't count)
A present for Sara The Librarian (hint - remember how excited you were about that Fairy Con....?)

And I found a spice shop where I got saffron for Lucia buns for Christmas and hardly got lost at all coming home! A very nice day.

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