Thursday, October 1, 2009

Neil Gaiman freaks me out but I did like his newest book anyways

Let me explain this. You see, I grew up reading Tintin and Asterix comics. I never really thought of them as "graphic novels" or even "comics". They were just books with extra pictures, you know? I also read Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes - those were cartoons. So I got to library school and (I don't remember what class this was) but for some reason we all had to be introduced to "real" comics and the chosen introduction was Neil Gaiman's Sandman. Having never heard of this, I agreeably picked a Sandman collection at random from the library's catalog and had it sent over to my branch. It turned out to be the one with the serial killers' conference and it COMPLETELY FREAKED ME OUT. I do not ever, ever read horror. I don't even watch PG-13 movies most of the time. Aaagh!

I couldn't understand why everyone was so excited about this guy. I took a couple cautious looks at his blog, but with the trauma of Sandman fresh in my mind, my general thought was "I don't want to meet this guy down a dark alley." (and I don't care how much you swoon over him my friends, he doesn't look like that really, b/c I saw him at ALA. and he looks more creepy-tired than creepy-swoony. he just looks like that in pictures).

Well, I recovered from my traumatic comics experience, and discovered that Marvel Adventures and Star Wars comics and other similar things are about my speed and I love them. And then Neil Gaiman won a Newbery. And I'm all "I never read books just b/c they won an award. I don't care." and all the reviews are all "a fantasy won a Newbery." So I read it. And I quite liked it. And then he wrote this little book called Odd and the Frost Giants. And I'm all "it doesn't look interesting and I don't like Brett Helquist b/c he totally destroyed the Green Knowe stories by designing icky Series of Fortunate Events covers for them."

If you haven't noticed, I'm a nit-picky reader.

But then I realized that it involved Norse mythology. So I HAD to read it. And it was good! Although it's a short little volume, it's not a beginning chapter book, just a quick read. It's quite funny while still keeping the flavor of the original myths. Recommended for reluctant readers and fans of Rick Riordan.

Now, no more procrastination, I've got to do the dishes.

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