Monday, October 12, 2009

Nonfiction Monday: The New Totally Awesome Business Book For Kids by Arthur and Rose Bochner

My nonfiction offering today is The New Totally Awesome Business Book For Kids by Arthur and Rose Bochner. I've been looking at money and business books for our juvenile nonfiction at the library; what we had on the shelves was very outdated! Even for kids, business practices of the 80s aren't much help. Of the various titles I reviewed, this is a definite winner. It not only gives ideas for businesses kids can run on their own or with some help, it also explains, simply and practically, how a business works, how to work with people (including your parents) and how to stay organized and profitable.

This is more than just a book on earning money, it's about learning life skills that kids will need throughout their adult working life. It's about economics, independence, being environmentally responsible, networking, and and taking ideas from daydream to reality. One of the things I especially appreciated was the authors' encouragement to parents to share financial information and work together on businesses as a family for success.

Verdict: Financial success and responsibility should include much more than a class in high school on budgeting or economics and this book is a great starting point for kids who want to start their own business, parents who want to teach their children about finances, or anyone looking to start a simple family business or fill in a long and boring summer!

ISBN: 978-1557047571; Published April 2007 by William Morrow; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library

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