Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Come to the fairies' ball by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Gary Lippincott

A sweet story with plenty of verve and humor, fairy fans will be delighted with this gorgeously illustrated story of a fairy ball.

In rollicking rhyme, Jane Yolen tells the story of an invitation to a grand fairy ball; and the one fairy who doesn't have anything to wear. But hard work makes all the difference and she makes it to the ball in the end!

Gary Lippincott's illustrations are an elaborate concoction of colors and details both grotesque and beautiful. The pictures are full of woodland greens and browns and fairies both odd and unusual. From the fun of preparing for a giant celebration, unique modes of travel, dancing at the ball, and a highly detailed full spread of the ball itself, there's enough gorgeous detail here to keep any fairy fan busy for several hours.

I'm usually not a proponent of rhyming stories, as they have a distinct tendency to be "cute" if not "twee" but Yolen's rhythm is impeccable and her cheerful story is perfectly fitted to the intricate world of Lippincott's fairies.

Verdict: I can think of a wide range of audiences for this story; adult fans of fairy art and illustration will love the pictures, preschool and elementary fans of fairy stories will enjoy the sweet story, and I think fans of Spiderwick Chronicles will be grabbed by the illustrations. A recommended addition to your library if you have anyone at all interested in fairies. And, of course, you do!

ISBN: 978-1590784648; Published December 2009 by Wordsong; Review copy provided by publisher through Raab Associates

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