Saturday, November 14, 2009

This week at the library; or, gray November days

Our lovely sunny weekend seems to have drifted away and patrons and librarians alike are suffering. We seem to have had an unusual number of grumpy, irritable, and just plain....odd people in this week. Come forth, oh snow, and barricade these people in their homes! I am in a vengeful mood.

Just a small group for preschool storytime on Tuesday. A small child who is regularly left unattended in the children's area has discovered that he can join us for storytime and since he's quite independent and I've given up talking to his guardian (on the computer of course) we just welcome him in with a little sigh. He's very enthusiastic and well-behaved. We read Rubin's Those Darn Squirrels, Jack Kent's Round Robin (one of my patrons has a tattoo of Round Robin! Only time I have ever wanted a tattoo...) and Leaf Man by Ehlert. I'm always fascinated by kids' reaction to this. My first thought on seeing it was "it's gorgeous, but kids will think it's boring" but they don't - they always, always love it and it never ceases to intrigue me.

More restless kids at Wii. Finally told the whiniest boy there's nothing worse than a whiny boy and basically to shut up. Phew! Starting in January, I'm going to do a sign-in so there will be no more complaining about turns.

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