Saturday, November 7, 2009

This week at the library

Phew! I'm starting to think with longing of that winter break from programming...

Tuesday preschool storytime was packed, a daycare that occasionally attends brought a number of kids. They were much better-behaved than they've been in the past, so maybe they've been practicing.

Friday preschool storytime was unexpectedly large. First Fridays of the month are usually small b/c there's a big senior program and absolutely no parking. But the same daycare group came back again and we had about 25 people. Of course, the kids all told me loudly "we heard that one last time." Sigh. I wasn't in a glue mood, so we just had crayons, markers and glitter glue. Afterwards, I discovered that a little boy I'd assumed was with the daycare crowd wasn't with anybody. After some frantic looking, found out one of the storytime families was his aunt, although she hadn't brought him, and his dad was on the computers - didn't realize he'd decided to join us for storytime. Sigh.


Infant Bibliophile said...

It's really kind of scary how lax people are about leaving their kids at the library. One day we were there and a little girl came up to my son and I, and plopped herself down smiling... she didn't speak much (a little garbled baby spanish). She was listening in as I read to my son, then handing me books to read to her, then following us around the stacks.. all fine with me, but where were her parents? This must have gone on an hour until I had to leave. I worried about leaving her, but I watched as she eventually gravitated toward some older kids that looked to be family members. I love the library and all but it's still a public place. Please keep an eye on your kids, people! :)

Jennifer said...

Yeah, it's great that people enjoy bringing their kids to the library - but we aren't babysitters and we can't watch every minute. We've had unattended kids running out into the parking lot, lost children, and we've caught several sex offenders in the library. Sad but true, even in a small town the world's a scary place.