Monday, October 5, 2009

How to be a vampire by Amy Gray

This is kinda a weird book. Even if you're a fan of vampire stories (which I'm not. anymore. really. except for Molly Harper. and Gail Carriger. mind)

First of all, there is a typo on the first page. A typo! In a Candlewick book! "They exude all a human desires".

It took me a while to figure out that the cover is the side of someone's head. Someone...whose ear has just been ripped off, to judge by the bloody smear they're sporting. Ewww.

The book is a mixture of vampire myth and lore from the classic Dracula to the new movies and books. It includes quizzes on your vampire "type", style tips, things to do when you're a vampire, how to tell your family, etc.

The problem with a how to be a vampire book is you're basically encouraging kids to commit suicide (no, I don't think the author is really encouraging kids to commit suicide. Sheesh). So the whole actual turning part is skipped over. You go straight from "Finding the Perfect Sire" (full of thinly veiled internet safety information but still creepy) and "Am I dating a vampire?" to "Transformation" how to make yourself over as a vampire. There's lists of vampire books and movies in the book; and a list of further reading and viewing at the back (with another thinly veiled instruction to make sure it's ok with your parents to read and watch)

I found this book really strange and faintly disturbing; but, I am not a serious vampire fan. Actually, I find vampires really strange and faintly disturbing. I mean, they're dead and have you noticed they're all really obsessive? Even non-Twilight vampires. Apparently being dead makes you enigmatic, secretive, controlling, and just plain weird. But, as I said, that's just me.

Verdict: Twihards and wannabe Goths will be thrilled to find this in their Christmas stocking. It's got tons of cool info on vampires and they'll enjoy trying to match up the descriptions with various books and movies. There's also lots of harmless activities (personally, I think coming out to your parents as a vampire should be good for weeks of fun. Heh heh heh) and the book is full of pictures from vampire movies and lore.

ISBN: 0763649155; Published October 2009 by Candlewick; Borrowed from the library

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