Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking forward to my first ALA Midwinter!

I went to my first ALA last summer (just the exhibits). Now I am going to my first ALA Midwinter (just the exhibits). Hey, that's the good part, right? Plus, my budget just doesn't cover the actual conferencey part. This is partly a trip for the coolness of ALA, partly b/c I have always wanted to go to Boston, and partly to see some old friends, who are kindly letting me camp out at their place for a couple days. Otherwise my Boston dream would have to wait....oh, say 8 years into the future when I'd paid my student loans. Things I am hoping to do and see and get:
  • A visit to the Boston Public Library. It was one of the places I dreamed of working at when I was a teen. Although I decided a big system wasn't for me (and sheesh, who can afford to live in Boston?) I still am very excited to see it!
  • A visit to Terri Schmitz's book store, The Children's Book Shop. I read her articles in the Horn Book when I was a teen and decided we were kindred spirits. I am secretly hoping to see her in person! Maybe have her sign something....I tried to find a copy of the issue with my favorite of her articles "Safety in Numbers" but no luck.
  • Lots of snazzy new posters. The ones I collected at ALA this summer are looking kinda dingy or kids have ripped them as they strolled by. I learned from last year and am taking a poster tube.
  • I am hoping to snag an ARC of Dawn Lairamore's Ivy's Ever After. Sounds like a great debut fantasy but it's hard to tell just from publisher's descriptions....I want an ARC b/c, after I have reviewed it, it would make a perfect prize for a program I'm planning.
Other than that, I am just going to let things happen! (hopefully not things like getting lost when I drive to the airport at 4am, or when taking the Boston public transport to my friend's house, or....yeah, I get lost a lot)

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Terry Doherty said...

Have a blast, Jennifer. Now I REALLY wish I was going!