Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Because I am bored and hungry and the other stuff I have to do today I have to do at my other desk

I am looking at the NYT bestsellers list. I check it occasionally anyways.

  • Lego Star Wars. Umm...this is NOT a picturebook. Non-fiction sort of.
  • Waddle. This is a boardbook mostly.
  • Listen to the wind for miniature minds is still here.
  • Family Huddle is still here. shudder.
  • Lion and the Mouse. That's nice to see.
  • Gallop. This is also mostly a boardbook. At least, that's where we shelve them.
  • Otis by Loren Long. I didn't like this one. Didn't buy it.
  • Nubs. This isn't really a picturebook either.
  • Skippyjon Jones, Lost in spice. Look, a real picturebook! Nah, we don't have it. Gonna be a while before I get through weeding and revamping my picturebooks and can start buying series-that-never-end
  • The little prince, pop-up edition. This is not a picturebook. It's not even based on a picturebook.
Obviously, the NYT bestsellers list needs a separate list for "stuff that parents buy for their kids instead of picturebooks but which aren't picturebooks". Best-selling book novelties is the title that spring to mind.


Playing by the book said...

How depressing is this list! I've just tried to find something similar for the UK but haven't been successful - I'm sure the picture (no pun intended) is very similar,

Playing by the book said...

Ahh. now found something silimar - not picture books, but just "children's books"

1 Eclipse Meyer, Stephenie
2 Twilight Meyer, Stephenie
3 New Moon Meyer, Stephenie
4 New Moon Meyer, Stephenie
5 Beano Annual:2010 D.C.Thomson
6 Breaking Dawn Meyer, Stephenie
7 Peppa Pig: The Official Annual:2010:Peppa Pig Ladybird Books Ltd
8 Hannah Montana Annual:2010,,Egmont Books
9 Official Doctor Who Annual The:2010:
10 Ben 10 Alien Force Annual: 2010 Egmont Books

So apart from Stephanie Meyer, everything else is tv or film spinoffs, with one exception, The Beano - a long running comic (and probably bought by adults for adults on a nostalgia trip).

Info came from http://www.nielsenbookscan.co.uk/