Friday, January 8, 2010

The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Ames by Kelly Easton, illustrated by Greg Swearingen

I added this book to my reading list after seeing Book Aunt's delightful review. Of course, it then sat on my shelf, and was renewed, and sat on my shelf, and was renewed, until somebody put a hold on it and I gulped it down last night!

In a Dahlesqian world, Liberty Aimes is a miserable Cinderella, cooking huge piles of fried foods for her monstrous mother and trying to stay away from her nasty and evil father, Sal. But one day a series of events inspire her to break the rules and try something new and scary and she manages to live up to her name for the first time in her unhappy life. She'll encounter magical potions, mutated animals, sweet-talking villains, and more before she finally finds her happy ending.

Verdict: With villains of Dahlesquian proportions, editorial asides a la Snicket, and a suprise around every corner, kids who like realistic fantasy with a wacky flavor will love this story. Pair this with Suzanne Selfors' Fortune's Magic Farm and pass out to fans of Dahl and Snicket!

ISBN: 978-0375837715; Published June 2009 by Wendy Lamb; Borrowed from the library

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