Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nighttrap by Tom Becker

This is the third in the Darkside series, tales of an alternate London: Jack Ripper's London, where all the worst of the 19th century survive.

Nighttrap takes place mostly in Lightside, the "real" London, where Jonathan Starling is on a race against time to save his friend, Miss Elwood. Every chapter is a cliffhanger and there's enough edge-of-your-seat adventure to satisfy even the most hardened adrenalin junkie. Laced with horror, stirred with adventure, and sprinkled with secrets, this is a satisfying addition to the series. I had to find it through inter-library loan and I'm still waiting on the fourth, which i'm not sure has been published in the US yet.

Verdict: If you can find it, definitely worth adding to your collection

ISBN: 978-1407102870; Published June 2008 by Scholastic; Borrowed from the library

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