Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kids Read!

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I have only been at this library a little less than two years. That it takes a while before kids and their parents get to know me - especially since I do not have kids myself and so am not hooked into the school system (I probably wouldn't be anyways, b/c so not a "school" person but whatever).

So it is really cool when I have an afternoon like today with lots of kids clamoring for books and asking me for what they like!

I told Star Wars kid about our new Star Wars comics (and reminded him to pay his fines before the library zombie gets him). He followed me and some other kids to the new book shelf and, looking with interest at the cover, wanted to know if there was a comic of Missile Mouse. "This IS a comic!" I told him. "Wow, mine!" he said, taking instant possession.

A little girl who loves "comics and mysteries and funny stories" took a stack so big she could hardly carry it! She was excited to get: the first Alec Flint Super Sleuth, D'Lacey's Gauge (Gruffen was out, but they don't have to go in order) Espinosa's Courageous Princess, Jellaby, the first Bone, and she might have gotten some others I didn't see.

I was talking books with a 9th grade boy who comes to our gaming programs - C has recently started checking books out from our library; he hadn't known we had a teen section. He thought Breathing Underwater was amazing and now he's really into realistic fiction. He's reading Giles' Shattered Glass now, but took Diva for later. And I introduced him to the joys of library holds so he could get the first volume of .hack// another birth, which someone appears to have stolen from us.

A younger boy was listening to us and...."can you find me a book?" Sure. what do you like? "well, action and adventure and drama. I've only read, like, 3 books in my entire life". Ok. a challenge. I showed him some juvenile stuff, but it was too young so we went with Alex Rider. If the book is too hard, he can try the comic. I don't know if he actually checked it out, but I have hopes!

Finally, I passed out some more fairy tale-ish retellings to a little girl and her mom, who also gets books for her teen daughter, although she's still reading what she got last time. The younger girl just finished Kate Coombs' Runaway Princess and Runaway Dragon and loved them, so this time they were getting Jessica Day George and I also suggested Durst's Into the Wild.

Yay for kids who read!

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Marge Loch-Wouters said...

What an excellent day...these are the best. I can tell you know your stuff in the collection and can connect kids to the right books because of what you know. Nothing is better!