Saturday, February 27, 2010

Miscellaneous Chatter

Yeah, I'm catching up on my reviews, in case you hadn't noticed. Last week was kinda busy. My computer was chomped by a virus, we installed a new computer system at work, ripped up the storyroom, and our adult services librarian went on maternity leave. Plus other stuff. So, a fun week all around!

So, um, that's me in Boston with the ducks. I hate pictures of myself, but it's the Boston ducks!! and I said I would post it, so I have.

I refreshed myself with a visit to the zoo this morning and now I am ready to post like crazy my shelf of review books, which I have already gotten a start on as you can see in my earlier reviews....

March is looking to be even crazier as we get used to our new software; so far I'm doing a presentation at the high school, cub scout visit (swore I'd never do another one, but what can I say? I'm dedicated), family resource fair (just attending, not in charge, thank goodness), and Olivia party for three year olds, which I haven't planned ANYTHING for yet! Plus my regular 5 programs a week and ending with Spring Break programming. Phew! Enjoy the posting while it lasts....

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