Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How do dinosaurs love their dogs; How do dinosaurs love their cats; Good night little bunny by Jane Yolen

I have some sweeeeet boardbooks by Jane Yolen to show off today! Did you know her popular dinosaur series were boardbooks as well? I did not! The two I'm looking at today are a little different than the picturebooks, as they're clearly divided into "good" and "bad" behaviors with pets. First, we see the ways a dinosaur should NOT love his dog or cat - being rough and neglectful. Then, we see how a dinosaur really loves her dog or cat - being gentle and responsible. The dinosaurs are even funnier than in the picturebooks I've looked at, with hilariously over-the-top bad behavior and adorable sweetness on the good behaviors.

I tested these out on my research team; first on our adult services librarian's almost-toddler, Nolan. Sadly, Nolan did not approve. I think these were a little long for him and he's not into dinosaurs yet. our second testing phase, with Miss Pattie and the toddlers, they were a wow! The kids went crazy over the dinosaurs and their silly behavior. So, these are perfect for slightly older toddlers!

How do dinosaurs love their dogs by Jane Yolen, Illustrated by Mark Teague
ISBN: 978-0545153522; Published January 2010 by Blue Sky Press; Review copy provided by the publisher through Raab Associates

How do dinosaurs love their cats by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Mark Teague
ISBN: 978-0545153546; Published January 2010 by Blue Sky Press; Review copy provided by the publisher through Raab Associates
Our second testing was Jane Yolen's adorable bedtime boardbook. Now, I admit I don't usually do sweet. But...he's got stripey pajamas! I have a thing for stripes. Each page has a touch and feel section, including a puffy bit of blanket, velcro on a toothbrush, and soft bunny. The touch and feel sections all appear to be washable. The story is a simple but classic rhyming text of familiar bedtime rituals, illustrated with Sam Williams gentle colors and shapes.

This one, Nolan loved! Nolan's dad liked it too (-:). Hunting for the touch and feel parts is a favorite activity. Miss Pattie's toddlers were pleased with this one also, so it's clear that Jane Yolen's classic text and Williams' art, combined with the fun touch and feel bits, appeals to a wide range of toddlers.

Verdict: Highly recommended for your boardbook section! I'm off to hunt down the other Jane Yolen boardbooks we haven't got now...

Good night, little bunny by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Sam Williams.
ISBN: 978-1416983019; Published January 2010 by Simon; Review copy provided by the publisher through Raab Associates

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The1stdaughter said...

My son, LOVES, these board books by Jane Yolen! And actually I really like them a lot myself, great lessons and to the point. Great review!

I'm going to have to check out Good Night Little Bunny too. My little guy has been fighting sleep recently and I'm looking for anything that will help. Thanks so much!