Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lexile Laughs

I keep a notebook of lexiles of our new books because the schools here are deeply entrenched in Scholastic's Reading Counts program. I make the list by lexile number and then alphabetically by author. This creates hilarious "lexile friends" which I was noticing as I printed out the updated lists today.

Pam Bachorz' Candor and Judy Blume's Friend or Fiend with the Pain and the Great One. Note that Judy Blume is 360 - a whole 10 points higher than Candor!

Dashka Slater's The Sea Serpent, a charming picturebook about friendship and letting go, sits cozily side by side with Cynthia Leititch Smith's Eternal, a seething paranormal romance with vampires and angels. Eternal is 690, a whole 30 points higher than Sea Serpent!

and my favorite of all pairings...Pamela Duncan Edwards' alliterative picturebook, Princess Pigtoria and the Pea, sits cozily beside Amy Efaw's hard-hitting teen novel, After. Pigtoria, by the way, is 70 points higher than After.


Terry Doherty said...

Oh, how timely ... I'd love to hear your thoughts about lexile. I recently discovered that the lexile is listed with books on The system seems awkward to me.

Jennifer said...

Ah the evil pointlessness of lexiles...I could go on forever. Perhaps someday I will. But for now, I will simply point out that the Sugar Creek Gang series has a higher reading level than Lord of the Rings.