Thursday, April 22, 2010

Furious George goes bananas by Michael Rex

Like most parodies, this wacky story will best be appreciated by grown-ups, although older children who grew up with Curious George might catch some of the humor.

George, a giant ape instead of a monkey, is exploited by a "man in a funny hat" as he tries to escape from miserable situation after miserable situation until he finally does some thinking and escapes back home to the jungle. The pictures are humorous but undistinguished. A novelty book, not necessary to get unless you have a really rabid Curious George fan base. Or people who like parodies. Actually, better to hand this to the people who like parodies as Curious George fans probably won't appreciate someone poking fun at their beloved classic.

ISBN: 978-0399254338; Published May 2010 by Putnam; Borrowed from the library

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