Friday, May 28, 2010

Home on the Range by Lucy Nolan, illustrated by Mike Reed

Ah, nothing like a new Down Girl and Sit! story to improve life. If you haven't already encountered this hilarious beginning chapter series, now is the time! Down Girl and Sit, two doggy friends, bound gaily through life, enjoying doughnuts, protecting their masters against squirrels, and waiting for the day when they can finally get the best of Here Kitty Kitty.

In their latest adventure, after Down Girl is thinking about how much she hates fences, she and Sit get the chance to visit a place without fences! With their new friend Git Along, they encounter squirrels in unimaginable places, the weirdest dogs you ever saw, and they decide maybe fences aren't so bad after all.

Kids will adore the naive but adorable characters and will appreciate the sly humor that is perfect for their age range. Kids love being "in on the joke" and that's exactly what they get in these stories. They make fun read-alouds also!

Verdict: If you don't have this series in your library, add right away! Every library should have this series.

ISBN: 978-0761456490; Published April 2010 by Marshall Cavendish; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library

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