Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mitchell is Moving by Marjorie Sharmat, illustrated by Jose Aruego & Ariane Dewey

Don't you just love the feeling when you discover a book you had loved as a child - but had completely forgotten about? The dawning recognition, the flood of warm fuzzy feelings...

I was delighted when I discovered Mitchell is Moving in our own library! How could I have forgotten this one? Decorated with Aruego and Dewey's trademark lumpy illustrations dancing across the stained white pages, Mitchell and his friend Margo try new things and experience separation and reunion...and appreciate the joys of swamps. Kids used to the more heavily illustrated easy readers today may not appreciate the spare prose and restrained illustrations of this classic easy reader, but I think quite a few will pick up on the silly humor and enjoy these redoubtable dinosaurs.

ISBN: 978-0689808760; Published April 1996 by Simon Spotlight (latest edition in print); Borrowed from the library; Added to my personal wishlist

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