Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee; Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee by Chris van Dusen

Why does no one ever tell me anything? I thought Chris van Dusen's first picture book was Circus Ship. In fact, I think I even said it was his first picture book in my review and nobody corrected me. Of course, it turns out he has written the Mr. Magee books as well. Probably something else also, so I am not going to commit myself until I find out otherwise.

The brisk rhyming stories feel more like an easy reader than a picturebook, but van Dusen's gorgeous colors springing off the page make these a fun experience. I didn't find either as funny as the reviews I'd seen had described them, but I enjoyed the rhythmic stories and van Dusen's artwork.

Verdict: These would be good selections for a child learning to read who enjoys picture books and tongue-in-cheek humor.

Camping Spree
ISBN: 978-0811836036; Published May 2003 by Chronicle Books; Borrowed from the library

Down to the Sea
ISBN: 978-0811824996; Published February 2000 by Chronicle Books; Borrowed from the library

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