Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little rabbit and the meanest mother on earth by Kate Klise, illustrated by M. Sarah Klise

Little Rabbit wants to go to the circus. But his mother insists he clean up his huge, messy playroom first. Little Rabbit just can't do it though and misses out on a trip to the circus. But then he has an idea. He will join the circus...and his show will be The Meanest Mother on Earth! The story grows and grows until Little Rabbit gets into big trouble - fortunately, The Meanest Mother on Earth has a solution.

Klise perfectly captures the frustration and drama of a small child and the warmth and patience of his mother. The other Klise's acrylic art is finely detailed and full of mischievous little jokes. I did have trouble believing the characters were really rabbits - those are kangaroos, if ever I saw one, but otherwise I loved the story.

Read this to preschoolers and kindergarteners and possibly younger elementary students. They'll sympathize with Little Rabbit's anger and groan over the silly jokes. Be prepared to pass the book around afterwards for more study of the messy playroom and other details.

Verdict: Delightful!

ISBN: 978-0152062019; Published April 2010 by Harcourt; Borrowed from the library

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