Monday, June 21, 2010

Nonfiction Monday: Goal! The fire and fury of soccer's greatest moment by Mark Stewart and Mike Kennedy

Not being any kind of sports fan, I was a little doubtful about whether it was possible to have an entire book just about scoring goals.

Well, I guess you can. This book explains the history of soccer, describes various famous goals, and analyzes important games. Famous players are profiled and their legacy of goals discussed.

The one thing that puzzled me about this book was the intended audience. On the one hand, although there's an index and list of resources there's no glossary and very few soccer terms are explained. This left me in a somewhat bewildered fog through most of the book. On the other hand, presumably someone interested enough in soccer to want to read a detailed discussion and analysis of various games and goals would know all the terms. But...if you know all the terms and you're that interested, wouldn't you already know about the goals and games as well?

I'm just really not sure, this not being my area of knowledge or interest at all. Voya gave it a rather bland review, but I think it's a bit young for them. Hmm....

Verdict: Completely uninteresting to me, but the other sports stats book I got has been hugely popular. I'm pretty sure I'll buy this next year when I concentrate on improving the sports section of the nonfiction.

ISBN: 978-0822587545; Published April 2010 by Milbrook; Borrowed from the library


Shirley said...

This book sounds like the perfect complement to the World Cup matches. Soccer fans of any age would take a look!

Jeff Barger said...

Thanks for the post! I need to find this book. Mark Stewart and Mike Kennedy create great sports books. Check out their book about football titled Touchdown.

Jennifer said...

World Cup? Oh, um, yeah. I did say I wasn't a sports person...I'm planning to get this and the others ones in this series when I do the sports section next year - I think there may be a basketball one as well.